Friday, April 29, 2011

Wills and Kate..... A True Love Story

I have been obsessed with the royal wedding for a week or so now. This is so unlike me, for I have never really taken an interest in the British Monarchy before. But I have watched every video, every hi-light, every interview that has graced the screen in the last week. I have asked myself why and I have realized that it is the love story. For me, Kate and Wills' story is just like a wonderful historical romance novel. The hero, a royal, a member of the aristocracy, a man so many women swoon over. The heroine, a commoner, a stunning beauty with an innate sense of goodwill and quiet charm. How can such a regal member of society marry such an every-day girl? Well, it seems to me that the answer is love. Like many of the heroes I read about, William does not care about Kate's humble beginnings. He loves her for who she is, not her pedigree. He sees beyond propriety and gleans the truth in Kate....that she will stand by him through thick and thin. He has succeeded in breaking all of the rules to win and secure this love match, just like many of our romantic heroes in novels written by the likes of Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn. From "living in sin" to organizing many of the details for his own wedding, Wills has broken tradition to ensure he gets what he wants, which seems to be a "normal" life with Kate Middleton. I love a hero who fights for his love...who has a quiet but firm sense of self and an enduring love for his woman. William seems to have this. I see it in his quick glances at Kate. I see it in his support for her in her debut interview with the press. I see it in his gentle touches whenever they are out and about. And I saw it Kate approached the alter and stood beside him, our hero whispered "You look beautiful", drawing a perfect smile from his partner for life. Swoon....I can't help it....I love a good romance!


  1. Wonderful post Mandy!
    From the looks of things, this story will have a much happier ending than his father's...

  2. Stunning post- I am so with you on the Royal wedding thing. I have devored every special there is because the story is so beautiful. I agree with you, its like a stunning novel.

    Oh, did you see when they got in the carriage after the wedding, she turned to William and asked, "Are you happy?" CUTE!

    I wanted to highlight a favorite line from your post but I can't because every sentence is worded so perfectly.

    PS- Why isn't there a movie about Outlander? Seriously!

  3. Hello! I too am soooo excited about the royal wedding and loved every minute of watching it. I am a fellow member of Chicks on Lit on goodreads and thought I would stop by and say hello!!

    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

  4. I hope William and Kate get the fairy tale ~ he so deserves it!


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