Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Author Guest Post Featuring Beate Boeker

Today I would like to welcome guest blogger Beate Boeker, author of several books, including "Take My Place", "Wings to Fly", and her most current release, "A Little Bit of Passion". I love the message that Beate is sending through her post today...a simple one....a hopeful one. She makes me want to put pen to paper immediately and follow my own dream.

What if the man of your life lives in one of the muddiest, rainiest towns of the US (and you don't want to live there)? What if he isn't even the man of your life but just . . . an infatuation? A quick spiral of hormones, whipped up by dimples, gray eyes and an irresistible way of looking at you? What if you fall in love so much that going back (in one piece) isn't an option? Is he worth giving up the job you love? Do you dare to leave your home town, your friends, your life for someone you barely know?

Karen's well-organized life is thrown into disorder when she gets to know John and realizes that she has to make some choices, changing her life for ever. If only she wasn't so happy with her life as a skiing teacher in winter and a book-store owner in summer; if only she hadn't learned the hard way that for her, independence equals happiness. She pours out her heart to her best friend Leslie in long e-mails. They take you straight to the core of Karen's soul - without restraint, ironic and illogical, furious and funny, sensitive and sad - just like her.

I hope that this novel will grip you as it gripped me when I wrote it. It's my third contemporary romance, published by Avalon Books New York. I'm so pleased that they accepted this novel with its unusual format (it is entirely written in the form of e-mails). But then, Avalon Books already proved with my very first novel that they are willing to take some chances - after all, it's more than a bit unusual to accept a manuscript from a German, who isn't even a native speaker.

„But why don't you write in German?“ you'll ask yourselves (and trust me, my mother asks me that very same question every week). The answer is simple – I didn't find any support as a beginning writer in Germany. The Germans have a very clear approach when it comes to jobs: Study it in depth, then work in that line of business until you die (or retire, whatever comes first). When I searched the Internet, however, I realized that things are different at the other side of the big pond. Here, they say: „If you want it, you can do it. Never mind that you're a gardener, a nurse, a lawyer – you can become a writer, and we'll teach you all you need to learn.“

So I decided to write in English, feeling a bit like a desert mouse that has decided it wants to learn skiing. But as the months went by, I found friends like Margaret Elam, who taught me how to make words sing; I found online writing courses; I found the Romance Writers of America; I found writers magazines, and I found the „book doctor“ Elizabeth Lyon . . . so that bit by bit, my know-how increased; I learned the tools of the trade, and finally, my first manuscript became a published novel.

So if there's a message to my blog today, it is this: Whatever the odds – fight for your dreams – dare to do what you love to do and where your heart takes you– and you will succeed eventually.
Brief Bio:
Beate Boeker is a product manager by day and a writer by night. She's also married and the mother of an energetic kid who loves snow as much as she does. If you mix Latin and German, Beate Boeker literally translates as Happy Books . . . and with a name like that, what else could she do but write romances? Beate would love to hear from you. You can get in touch via her website, www.happybooks.de
A Little Bit of Passion is Beate Boeker's third book for Avalon. Wings to Fly and Take My Place are also available.

About the Book:
Karen calls herself a modern gypsy because she has split her life into two perfect halves: In winter, she's a skiing teacher in the Teton Mountain Range, and in summer, she works at her book store on Long Island. But one Easter holiday, John and his son Gerry join her skiing group, and her perfect universe is shaken. Can she overcome her need for independence and find a compromise between her free life and the man who might be the love of her life?


  1. Loved this idea to have a guest post from an author. And I loved what she had to say. Once again you had another great post. Love your blog!~Russo @ www.threegnomes.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you, Russo, for your kind comment, and you, Mandy, for inviting me! It's a pleasure and an honor to be a guest today!

  3. Hi Mandy! This book sounds really intriguiging - so many books, so little time! Thanks for stopping my my blog and commenting on the book I read! I continually find it amazing what we can find when we head slightly off the mainstream!


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