Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review for "The Spymaster's Lady" by Joanna Bourne

As a spy, he's trained to learn everything about the enemy. He knows the colour of her eyes, the village she was born in, the occupation of every member of her family, the way she tilts her head when she smiles, the lilt of her voice when she speaks, the quick spasm of muscles in her back when she primes herself for battle, and even the flash of acceptance in her eyes when she knows she is defeated. Yet Robert Grey longs to know the feel of Annique's hair between his fingers, the taste of her lips as he presses his mouth to hers, the curve of her hip as he strokes her longingly....but this cannot be. He will never know these things...he cannot, for they are enemies.

Annique Villiers is a cunning, young french spy. She finds herself captured by an enemy and imprisoned with two British spies, one of them being the infamous spymaster, Robert Grey. They forge an alliance to escape, thus setting in motion an adventure that moves across France and into adventure filled with danger, deceit, spies, murder, secrets, betrayal and loyalty. Annique holds some secrets that can tear apart a nation, secrets she knows can get her killed. She is good at what she does....but she has met her match in Grey. Soon enough, Grey comes to realize he wants more than Annique's spy secrets...he wants her, and she knows it.

Annique is a heroine like no other. Born into a family of spies, she has been playing "the game" since she was ten. She is intelligent and witty, sly and tenacious, strong and independent, yet somehow, the author has managed to portray a sweet and innocent side to this heroine. Annique is truly french in her actions, mannerisms, speech and romanticism, making her character even more believable, and the author, a very talented one. For once, I believe that the heroine is better developed than the hero. Grey is a good man, and a formidable spy, and he truly does love our heroine. But it is Annique that steals the story and becomes my favourite character.

This is the first book I've read involving spies as central to the plot. I must say, I truly enjoyed the action and intrigue. The plot was cleverly developed with several surprises that left me gasping in disbelief. I also enjoyed the secondary characters, who were witty in their dialogue and charming in their loyalties. I was captivated and enthralled by this story and I now have another author to add to my favourites list.The Spymaster's Lady is my first book in the 2011 Historical Romance Challenge.


  1. The cover alone is enough to make me want to read it :)

  2. Thanks for the review. This story sounds really good. I've never read a historical that revolves around spies. I do have one of Joanna Bourne's books in my TBR. I think it's The Spymaster's Lady.

  3. This sounds like a book that has a little bit of everything. Great review!

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  4. I'm visiting from the Book Lover's Blog Hop (Doorkeeper). This sounds like an exciting, romantic story. I've not read this author but my sister loves Joanna Bourne and Julia Quinn. When she was visiting me this holiday, we had to drive to Barnes and Noble on a certain day so she could buy Julia Quinn's latest book!

  5. Hey! Thanks for finding my blog and following. I am now following back.

    I LOVE books about spies and the cover looks really intriguing. Do youn read a lot. If so, you might consider joining my Bookmark Break Challenge. Come check it out if you get the chance. Here's the link...

    I'll be seeing you around!

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  6. This sounds like a good story with a unique twist for a romance novel. Thanks for the great review :)

  7. Oooh, spies and romance? I might have to put this book on my TBR. Great review and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Great review! I've added an entry into my challenge for you this month.

  9. This books sounds really interesting, I'm going to have to pick it up.

    I enjoyed your review,
    Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)

  10. I LOVED this one too. (I reviewed it here with it's old lolacious cover).

    Apparently there are two more in the series. I have yet to get to them yet! Great review!


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