Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review for "Married by Morning" by Lisa Kleypas

They say that opposites attract. We have the easy-going, relaxed, devilishly handsome, witty, let-life-happen, devil-may-care, aristocrat Leo Hathaway, also known as Viscount Ramsay. And then there is Catherine Marks...the extremely proper and polite, rigid, eye-glass wearing governess to Leo's youngest sister. The two cannot stand each other, constantly bickering and teasing. Yet, Leo can't stop thinking about her...and it's not the usual teasing and provoking that are occupying his mind.

Catherine has lived through a sordid past, one she continues to hide from. Acting as governess to the youngest Hathaway siblings has allowed her to see what it is like to be a member of a family...a crazy one albeit, but one where you feel unconditionally loved and supported. Something Catherine knew would never be a reality for herself. And Leo.....well, he was everything she loathed....a gambler, immoral in his actions toward women and full of disrespect for his station in life. But God....he was handsome! Then came that kiss in the garden... that kiss Leo had been fantasizing about for so long..... and they both knew that their relationship would have to change. But would they both be able to handle this new path they were forging? Would Leo be able to love someone again after losing his first love and almost himself in the process? Would Marks, as Leo so lovingly calls her, be able to let go of her haunting past and give in to her desires and dreams?

Lisa Kleypas has managed to take Leo, a not-so-likable character in book one, MINE TILL MIDNIGHT, and turn him into a charming, deeply committed man with a devilish sense of humour and a touch of wickedness that will keep his lover forever happy.

"I have the most profane desire to be in bed with you for...oh, weeks, at least...committing every mortal sin known to man. I'd like to do more than sketch you naked. I want to draw directly on you with feather and ink...flowers around your breasts, trails of stars down your thighs." He let his warm lips brush the edge of her ear. "I want to map your body, chart the north, south, east, and west of you."

I really enjoyed this fourth installment in the Hathaways series. Having relished the witty banter between Leo and Marks in previous books just made be look forward to their own story. The sexual tension between these two could be cut with a knife. It is a hot and steamy romance, one filled with desire, longing, passion, erotic love scenes and heart touching admissions. Watching Leo reveal more of his true self to Marks, allowing her to see the genuine man inside touched my soul. Marks managed to withdraw the armour around his heart and allowed him to love again. And in return, Marks learned to trust a man, a man who gave her his body and soul. If you are a fan of Lisa Kleypas or historical romance, you need to run out and get this one. It is a heart-stopping tale that will keep you laughing, sighing and wishing for your own Leo Hathaway.


  1. Hi Mandy!
    Thanks for the visit! I haven't wandered over her in a week or so. I love the books you read, and your thoughts seem to mirror mine. I may have even used some of the same quotes :) The last book in Lisa Kleypas's series is the best. I read the last 50 or so pages with tears running down my face! Then when you are done you need to read Mary Balogh's latest series (if you haven't yet) Same sort of thing - move from one book to the next, driven to flip the pages and finish....OK I'll be quiet now :)

  2. Hey Barb, thanks for commenting! I loved this series. I have read the last one and I am very sad to say goodbye to this family. One can't help but adore them! Mary Balogh....haven't read any of her books. Which is the first in the series?

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