Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review for "Rebellion" by Nora Roberts

A fiesty woman who isn't afraid to punch, kick, yell, scratch, and yes, bite. I love a heroine with a little attitude! Isn't this what every man in the 1700's wants? I don't care what anyone says, I believe most men, even today's men, are enticed by a challenge, and taming a hell-cat is certainly a task.

The highlands of Scotland is the setting for this historical romance, one filled with desire, hatred, love and war. Bringham Langston, the fourth Earl of Ashburn, is a wealthy Englishman, yet his true loyalties lie with the Scottish cause. Serena MacGregor is a true Scot....loyal to those she loves and passionate about her people and their history. Her hatred of all things English began when she was only a child and watched her mother attacked by a band of Redcoats. When Serena's brother brings home the handsome Bringham, he is stunned by her beauty and her sharp tongue. Bringham's noble title and dedication to Scotland does nothing to hinder her loathing of his heritage. But Bringham is not a man easily discouraged. He is determined to fight not only for Scotland and the bonnie Prince Charles, but also for the love of the beautiful and fiesty Serena MacGregor.

I enjoyed this book. It was a quick, easy read set in a time and place I love. Love, sex, war, battles, and yes, men on horses and in kilts! I enjoyed the banter between Bringham and Serena and the way she made his pursuit of her a difficult one, although she did let him kiss her without much of a fight! The attraction between the main characters is undeniable from the start, with some extremely steamy scenes that will cause you to have a sudden urge for a cigarette! Here is a quick excerpt for your enjoyment:
"He found it almost unbearably arousing to have her inexperienced hands undress him. With his eyes closed he traced kisses over her brow, her temples, her jaw, while his body tensed and hardened from the hesitant movements of her fingers. It was torture of the most exquisite kind. He realized that he was moving slowly not only for Serena and her innocence but for himself. Every instant, every heartbeat they shared here would be remembered."(pg. 230)
Having read several other historical romances of this period, this novel focused more on the romance and less on the battles and plight of the Scottish for their independence. But if your looking for a good summer romance, this is the book for you.


  1. I like Nora Roberts--you are right that sometimes her books are more romance-y than anything else but they are a good diversion.

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