Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Scotsman is Back

Here I sit in a boring staff meeting, supposedly listening to a presentation on the smart board. I decide to check my emails on my phone. I cannot waste my precious I peruse through my inbox and there is an email from Goodreads titled "Upcoming Releases". My finger taps the icon....I leisurely scroll down with a gentle flick of the wrist....and there it is. The title leaps off the page and takes my breathe away....THE SCOTTISH PRISONER!'s coming! My eyes scan the synopsis, drinking in the words I have waited long to hear again...."Jamie Fraser". I quickly tap on that little word "more"....I need more....I want more....right now! This link takes me to Diana Gabaldon's site. It is here that I let out a little cry of exhilaration, (in the middle of my meeting - thank goodness I am near the back of the room!) for what do I read on my wonderfully informative android phone? READ THE EXCERPT HERE! You mean could be with the Scotsman who is unlike any man I have ever conjured in my deepest imagination?! Part of me wants to wait, to savor this little morsel of Jamie alone in my king-size bed, under the soft, feather duvet, where I can envision his brute manliness without any interruptions. Alone with my visions and Diana Gabaldon's magnificent prose. But I can't do it. I cannot wait. So I read...and I read....and I gasp and giggle in the very first sentence! She is a very smart woman, that Diana Gabaldon. She knows all of her Outlander fans are waiting for a piece, a morsel, a glimpse of her infamous Scottish hero Jamie Fraser. So she lets us in with an excerpt from "The Scottish Prisoner", the next book in her Lord John series. True fans know that this book will have a lot of Jamie in it. But it's like eating one of those mini chocolate bars when what you crave is the whole damn Kit Kat. A taste...but not enough to satisfy. Yet better than nothing. So here I sit, ignoring my colleagues and my boss, engrossed in this excerpt, reunited with a time and a place that has become so familiar to me. The release date for the novel is November 29th. The date is ingrained upon my memory, for it will be that night when I slip under the feather duvet and reunite with the red haired Scotsman from the 1700's we all know as Jamie.


  1. AHHHHH. I clearly need to start reading this series!!!

  2. So glad to see you back Mandy :)

    I love that you are checking emails in a business meeting, lol. Did you let out a little scream when you saw the message about the book?

    I'm so glad that you can look forward to reuniting with your Scotsman soon!

  3. Love It! I thought you looked way too happy in the staff meeting :)

  4. This is one of the best Diana Gabaldon book I've read. Definitely a keeper. Anyone know a site that i could download the PDF copy of the book?

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