Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review for "The Wedding" by Julie Garwood

Just imagine. It is the early 12th century in the Scottish Highlands and you've just had a row with your husband, your very new husband. He's taking off for an undefined amount of time and doesn't even bother to say goodbye. You whisper your adieu to him and you take your leave, heartbroken, feeling unwanted and alone. As you walk up the hill, you suddenly feel the ground shaking and others are rushing to get off the path in front of you. Before you can face the impending danger, you are plucked from the ground and swept up onto your husband's horse, his hand tight around your waist as you gallop at a breakneck speed. At the top of the incline, he stops his stallion, stares into your eyes and whispers his farewell. And then he kisses you, long and hard.....a kiss both you and he will never forget. Just imagine. Your new husband has just swept you off your feet.

This is but one of my favourite parts in this enjoyable tale. Julie Garwood has a talent for shaping unforgettable characters. She lets you think their thoughts and feel their emotions until you believe you are there with them.....a secondary character yourself....a member of the clan. I really delighted in the heroine's character, Brenna. She was a sweet romantic at heart, yet she was strong, determined and out-spoken when she needed to be. Her quirky flaw of forgetting her personal belongings all over the place made her more real and endearing to me. Brenna was going to make her marriage work, and that was one outstanding feat, for Connor MacAlister is one formidable, unemotional Highlander. And the fact that he stole her as she was making her way to her wedding to another Highlander is no easy fact to get over. Connor's past has shaped his actions and his need for revenge is no secret. But he is an honourable man. Yet his English bride Brenna manages to tap upon his heart, little by little breaking down his hard exterior, reaching into his soul and releasing the love he has for her. Brenna makes Connor realize that loving someone does make him vulnerable, yet it doesn't make him less of a man. A great story and perfect read for the summer.
"The Wedding" is book #5 in the 2011 Highlander Reading Challenge.


  1. Hey just stumbled across your blog, new follower.

    Oh boy I've read and loved all Julie Garwood's historical books. This one was great. Loved the Brenna and of course Connor ;D!

  2. LOVE how your started this blog post-I was right there in the highlands. I could imagine everything you were saying. Great post. I hope you are having a great week!

  3. A great read for the wedding season Mandy :)

    I love the part of your review where you talk about the reader feeling like a secondary character, or member of the clan in the book...that's definitely something that would keep a reader engaged in the story :)

  4. I absoluetly loved this book. Brenna was fresh and cute andConner steals your heart. The character developmant was excellent.Ms. Garwood sure knows how to get your attention. Brenna and Conner were perfectly written for each other and they definatly had a hot romance. I loved that the men were awed by the fact that she ate so much. Finally, a heroine who isn't afraid to pig out. Scottland is my all time favorite setting, and Ms. Garwood describes it beautifully. Now I want to visit it for myself! The plot is fast paced and the pages basically turn themselves. Plus, the return of Alec and Jamie was perfect. It was wonderful to hear about how they turned out. If you've read any of Julie Garwood's books, this is definately for you. Brenna's end description of her wedding is truly the icing on the cake. Please, read this superb, fabulous classic from the magic pen of Julie Garwood.

  5. I have read and reread this book. I abosolutely love the characters. I laughed aloud so many times reading the conversations between Connor and Brenna. For example, when Connor was going to take her to his bed the first time and told her "It won't kill you." Her response, "It won't kill me, that's it." Great humor between the two of them and the funniest wedding scene I have ever read. I am hoping that Ms. Garwood writes the next series about Quinlan and Faith. Would love to read their story.


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