Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Blog Hop Feb.4 to 7

This week's question is "What are you reading now and why are you reading it?"

Right now I am reading Untamed by Pamela Clare. I am reading it for two reasons. One, it fits the criteria for the Highlander Challenge I'm undertaking. And two, it is one hot book with some hot Scottish men! I just finished Pamela's first book in the series, Surrender (you can read my review here) and it blew my socks off! I just had to read the second book and I am loving it! Romance, action, heartache and passion! You have got to read it. So...what are you reading?


  1. Thanks for hopping by my blog!

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  2. Hopping by to say hi! I don't think I know those books. Will have to look into them!

    Already a follower.

    Here's my Hop and Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. Hopping through. I should try Highlander romance sometime. It's such a popular genre.
    My Hop

  4. A highlander challenge? Sounds great! Who's hosting it?

    Thank you for visiting and following. I too shall follow your blog!

  5. Sounds like you're into some splendid hot-stuff reads!

  6. Hi! I'm hopping through via the hop!!! Don't you just LOVE it when you find a book/series that you fall in love with and you can't read the book(s) to follow??!!

    I'm now following you. I hope to see you around my blog!

    Stephany @

  7. Just hopping through! I hope you've had a good weekend!

  8. Oh they sound really good. And the covers are, how can I put this?? Um, pleasing to the eye! Have you listened to the audiobooks for the Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning? The ones read by Phil Gigante? I'm pretty sure my ears are still smoking. Just checked. Yep, they are.

  9. Attack of the Book,
    Thanks for commenting. Yes....very yummy covers! I have never listened to an audio book. Does he talk with a Scottish accent...I must look into that!

  10. New Followers!! Thanks for dropping by our page. We are reading Cane River by Lalita Tademy. Look forward to your postings!! Have a great day!

  11. Thank you so much for coming to visit me! Happily returning the follow ... :)

  12. Sounds like a fun book!

    I am a new follower. I hope you will stop by and say hello. Have a blessed week and a Happy Valentines Day :D

  13. Already follow just stopping by to say Happy Valentine Day. I am also going to link you on my site.


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