Monday, November 22, 2010

Would You Read This Book?

Like many other book bloggers, I have a dream of one day writing my own book. Yes, it is a dream, a dream that may take many years to become fulfilled. But at present, I try to write whenever I get a chance. I have many pieces of paper everywhere, with many starts and not too many finishes. I thought I would get some feedback from the very people who do all of the reading and reviewing....all of you! Take a read and let me know what you think. Would this be something that would peak your interest? Would you want to read more? Leave a quick comment with your thoughts and opinions. Thanks!

She was running late as usual. In fourty-five minutes she had managed to take a shower, slap on some makeup, make four lunches and feed three groggy kids a semblance of something called breakfast. As she walked by the closed door she flung it open and cried “It’s eight o’├žlock, would you get dressed! Wash your face! You’re fourteen, why do I have to do this every morning?”
Why did she have to do this every morning? Where the hell was he? Where else? Still in the shower. Same routine every day. Did she actually believe it would ever change? Every morning he spent half an hour in their ensuite bathroom, languishing in the steam while she managed to pull everyone and everything into some sense of order and routine.

She could still hear the sound of the water as she entered with the sole purpose of giving him a piece of her mind. As she strode in she took a quick glimpse at the mirror to ensure she looked presentable for another day at work. She gave a short sigh as she tried to flatten some of those unruly dark curls. No use. It would only get worse as the day wore on and the humidity increased.

She turned and opened the shower stall, fully prepared to launch into him about needing some help in the mornings. “You’ve been in here for half an hour, do you think you have any skin left?” He opened his eyes and replied, “I’m done. I’m coming out.” Her eyes caught the sinew of his broad shoulders as the water cascaded over him. His muscular arms bulged at the biceps, naturally exuding a brawny strength that enraptured her. She could see the definite lines of his pecs as they flexed with his every movement. She loved this part of his body. She instinctively wanted to reach out and flick the nipples that had puckered in the shower. Her mind instantly jumped to the night before when he had held her so tight against that very same chest, nuzzling her neck with his lips. She started to feel that familiar ache within her. As she raised her eyes to his again, he tilted his head in an open invitation, a playful grin on his face. She quickly stammered “I have to get to work. Remember the kids have soccer tonight!” As she rushed out of the bathroom, she noted the flush to her cheeks in her reflection in the mirror. How did he do that? He managed to elude her lecture once again. Damn that man!

This piece of writing is the work of Mandy and in no way is to be duplicated without permission.

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