Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Review for "Laird of the Mist" by Paula Quinn

Callum MacGregor is the Laird of the persecuted Clan MacGregor. Revenge is his only purpose in life. Revenge for the years of torture he endured under the hands of the Campbells. Revenge for the loss of his clan name and his lands. So much hatred inside of one man; so much hatred and so much pain.

Kate Campbell cannot believe it! Her knight in shining armour has come to save her from the raiding McColls. He is breathtakingly strong, wielding his sword with purpose and power. But soon, Kate discovers that her knight is really her enemy, her worst enemy, the dreaded Devil himself...Callum MacGregor.

These two soon come to realize that each has misconceptions of the other. As they journey to Callum's home on the Isle of Skye, their hearts are journeying on a path towards love, a path neither expected or is prepared for. Can love conquer anything, even hatred and revenge?

What I loved about this story was that the heroine believed in her hero. She didn't fight the fact that she was in love with the leader of her rival clan. She gloried in the fact that he made her feel what no other man, protected, wanted and ravished. She knew the true man behind the mask...the mask of The Devil. How could The Devil touch her so gently, so lovingly? How could The Devil smile at her with adoration filling his eyes? How could The Devil make her feel like nothing else mattered but his passionate kisses? Kate knew Callum MacGregor was no Devil. She could see it in his eyes and feel it in her soul. And she would not rest until he knew it too.

I believe Paula Quinn does a wonderful job of bringing the MacGregor saga to life. She weaves a tale filled with passion, intrigue and history, feuding clans and star-crossed lovers. I enjoyed the relationships between all of the characters, and I would love to read more about Maggie, Callum's sister, and Graham Grant, the handsome captain of Callum's men. For those of you in love with the Scottish Highlands and their men in kilts, this is a quick read you are sure to enjoy.


  1. Wonderfully written review Mandy :)

    For those who like romantic fiction, this certainly seems like a winner...looking forward to your upcoming reviews noted on your sidebar :)

  2. Hiya,

    How are things going? Hope everything is well with you.

    Send me a message when you have time. Would love to hear how you've been keeping.



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